I'm Daniel

A Little About Me

I am a University Student at Cogswell Polytechnical College. I previously attended San Jose State University before transferring. I've had a love for computers as long as I can remember.

I currently program video games, as well as a bunch of other random things, as a hobby. I am also an avid gamer.

As of recently, I was to be co-president of Game Development Club at SJSU for 2015-2016.

My Skills

Web Dev
Game Maker
League of Legends: Silver

More About Me?

I'm in love with programming software. I have never had much luck when it comes to art and design though. I prefer to spend my time with people over computers.

What I Love

Three things I love are bacon, gaming, and computers. Tasty food keeps me going. Gaming keeps me relaxed. Computers keep me sharp.

Working Life

I'm currently working for MAGFest on some west coast projects. Other than that I'm just a college student. Working on founding something called GGSJ

Ready To Go

If there is one thing I find important its being on time. Always be prepared to show up to what you plan.

Latest Works

If I'm Not Bored, I'm Doing Something

Being bored is boring. I'm bored quite a bit, but when I'm done being bored I do something.

Below you can find some of the things I've done when I stop being bored. Some are finished, some are abandoned, and some are still in progress.

I keep a majority of my projects open source. If its abandoned you're free to run with it how you please. Just give me some credit! If you like something I made you can always donate to me! Help pay for my nerdy bills like Spotify and Crunchyroll.

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me@danielarevans.com | San Jose, CA